The Short Term Rental M&A Report ~ 2024 Access to a wealth of information all in one place

This report can serve as your essential guide to evaluating your business, identifying challenges you may face to increase this capital at sale, or simply adding to the knowledge you already have. This is a $200bn industry, and we are witnessing professionalization at scale and huge investments.

The report examines the entire ecosystem and evaluates the potential, the current status quo, the hurdles to a successful exit, and the planning to ensure this. The report is supported and written by experienced individuals, some listed here, but others contributing behind the scenes and will be credited.

Authors + Co-Contributors! A raft of experence and a rich network within the short term rental industry.


Richard Vaughton

Richard is a veteran of the urban and destination vacation rental industry. He is an advisor and trustee to several private and public businesses focusing on expansion, M&A sales, and efficiencies. The report will also include expert contributions from an extensive and experienced network.

In addition to roles as VP of a  US Multi-Family Corp Richard also co-founded a technology company of data-driven marketplaces for vacation rental partners, which recently sold. He has also been the owner of a UK management company and co-owner of a European agency, cumulatively approaching 1000 properties. All with successful exits.

Eric Mason

Eric Mason

Eric Mason has held leadership positions throughout the services and venture sectors and has successfully started, developed, grew and repositioned various organizations. An accomplished strategist, he understands consumers and market trends by conducting constant in-depth quantitative and qualitative research and turning that research into actionable strategies, allowing companies to achieve and exceed desired growth goals while maintaining a high degree of internal cohesiveness.

Industry Experts

With such a wealth of experienced industry colleagues, we have been working with those with both M&A expertise and those attuned to the fundamentals of running successful management and technology businesses. As the industry professionalises, M&A will become more focused on areas of risk such as legislation, marketplaces and AI opportunities.

Stay tuned for the announcement of collaborators who are experts in their own right. We already have the expertise of the Directors of Tara Home Consulting,

who have significant experience in this area, Jannich Petersen with both business development in management and marketplaces and several owners who have sold their businesses, plus a number of the acquiring companies.

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